Your application to our company

If you have found an interesting and fitting job posting on our website, submit an online application.

This is how the application process usually works:

Online application

Apply ONLINE for the job you are interested in. Alternatively, you can choose the option “Your ideal job is not listed in the vacancies?” and submit an unsolicited application.

The application process is the same for unsolicited applications. Thank you for your patience and for understanding that we can only actively contact you (through an initial phone call) once we have a fitting vacancy.

Confirmation of receipt

You will get an email confirming that your application has been received.

Phone interview

We assess all applications and conduct an initial phone interview with applicants who fit our job descriptions. Our colleagues from the Shared Service Center in Sofia support us in this. If your application is not selected for the shortlist, we will inform you about this outcome as well.

In person interview

The most convincing applicants from the phone interviews are invited to an initial personal interview. Usually a recruiting employee and the manager in charge of the relevant position will be present.


After the first personal interview you will be informed whether

  • you will be invited to a second interview (depending on the position, this interview may be conducted in the form of a hearing or at an assessment center), 
  • we would like to make you an offer (for some positions, the final decision is already made after the first round of interviews), 
  • another applicant was more convincing and we regret to inform you that we must reject your application.

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