Your start in our company

We have compiled a detailed introductory training program for you and your new colleagues to help you get started at your new workplace and provide you with a comprehensive overview of the way we work.

1. Orientation days

In the course of these orientation days, you will be welcomed to the Coke family, receive important information for your start, meet our General Manager and the senior management team and get a close-up look at how our products are manufactured, stored and prepared for sale in Edelstal.

2. Job-specific training

After having gained a first impression of the company, you will receive job-specific training in your department. You will be welcomed by the whole team, get to know your new colleagues and take a tour through the company building. You will then review your training plan with your supervisor. The training plan includes both learning on the job and specialized training sessions. At the end of the first month, you will meet with your supervisor to discuss how you are doing in your new job and whether you need any kind of support (of course you will receive support also outside of this meeting).

3. Training opportunities, Sales Academy

Offering training opportunities to new employees is a priority of Coca-Cola HBC Austria. The Coca-Cola Sales Academy, which was especially developed for new sales staff, is, among other measures, proof of this commitment. This one-month program offers a targeted and practical training to both employees new to sales and experienced sales staff, preparing them for their job as market developers. Tailor-made training, seminars and workshops led by internal experts (e.g. management team members or sales trainers) challenge and promote the participants’ professional and personal development.

Sales Academy

Of course we are not only interested in the development of our sales team, but seek to provide individual development opportunities to every single staff member. A variety of training opportunities and workshops is available to employees depending on their position and training requirements.

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