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Career development & training offer

Our goal is to ensure that we can staff key roles and functions in the long term and thus we have no intention of keeping our training opportunities a secret! Our talent development team acts as expert, advising and strategic partner to promote, innovate and coordinate processes and tools that aim to continuously develop and motivate our employees. Just like the range of our beverages, the methods and tools on offer are comprehensive and matched to individual needs.


In the course of our induction days, new staff members get to know internal systems and processes and meet important stakeholders.

Performance management and potential analysis

Measures include, among others, management by objectives processes, implementing the performance development process, designing individual development plans and planning and implementing tailor-made internal development centers.

Succession and career planning

For key functions, potential successors are identified, who then participate in defining individual development measures. Internal development programs, such as the Management Trainee Program, are aimed at training and developing such high-potentials.

Leadership development

We support our executive staff in their functions and development through our Leadership Academy, the use of various feedback instruments and by offering management coaching.

Training opportunities

We continuously update our training offer to make sure it meets the needs of our company. Training opportunities include internal workshops on a variety of topics as well as external training sessions and e-learning focusing on specific competences and fields of knowledge.

Our employees act as Coke Ambassadors, represent our brand to the world and are responsible for developing and sustaining our company, which makes supporting their personal and professional development a crucial component of our success!


We offer a diverse range of employee benefits, i.e. voluntary additional perks for staff. As we are striving to offer an attractive benefits package, benefits are continuously added to, but can also be changed without notice.

1. Complimentary beverages

All our employees may consume chilled Coca-Cola and Römerquelle beverages made available in all offices and locations during work hours free of charge. What is more, employees can order a set number of free beverages for consumption at home at the beginning of every quarter.

2. Cafeteria allowance

We contribute to our employees’ lunches through a daily meal allowance to be used in the company cafeteria or restaurants.

3. Insurance schemes with tax privileges

Employees who have continuously worked with the company for six months can choose from various insurance models (life insurance, endowment insurance, health insurance, accident insurance), to which the company contributes an annual grant.

4. Share plan

Employees who have been with the company for six months have the option to invest part of their salary in Coca-Cola shares. Coca-Cola HBC Austria doubles this investment up to a limit of 3% of the monthly gross salary, effectively adding additional shares to the ones purchased.

5. Employee assistance program

The professional and personal well-being of our employees is very important to us. Therefore we cooperate with an external counseling center to offer anonymous and free-of-charge support to employees experiencing private or professional challenges.

6. Pharmacy

Our cooperation with a major pharmacy enables us to offer a 19% discount on all pharmaceutical products available to order to our employees at all branches throughout Austria.

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