Christmas will be a celebration for food retail stores!

Vienna – October, 16th 2008 - Coca-Cola HBC Austria offers numerous activities through its unique Christmas promotion 2008

Christmas tradition has a deeper meaning for Coca-Cola than for most other brands. Whenever Santa Claus is mentioned today, many people instantly think of the "Coca-Cola Santa", who was created in 1931. And to this day, Christmas with Coca-Cola has lost none of its fascinating appeal. Wide-eyed happiness everywhere – from child to granny and everybody in between! It is thus not surprising that the Coca-Cola TV spot is among the most loved at Christmas time. Almost 50% of consumers know it, which every year bears proof to the fact that Coca-Cola is closely associated with Christmas.

The response to the activities of the leading beverages provider is simply amazing: more than 60,000 people visited the Coca-Cola Christmas tour in 2007. These are more people than can be seated in the Ernst-Happel-Stadion, Austria’s largest stadium.

The ideas of Coca-Cola HBC Austria for 2008 are as imaginative as every year. The slogan “Put the magic into Christmas time!“ is the motto of a number of exciting and innovative promotions prominently featuring Santa Claus and the Christmas truck. Families are the prime target group of the campaign, with which Coca-Cola HBC Austria aims to create happiness and help make the time until Christmas fly by.

New TV spot for the truck tour
A completely new TV spot was made to draw consumers’ attention to Christmas with Coca-Cola. It has been especially adapted for the Austrian market and will be on air for six weeks. The Coca-Cola Christmas tour will lead Santa Claus through Austria during this period. Starting on November 16, the famous truck will stop at selected retail stores cooperating with Coca-Cola HBC Austria. Overall, Santa will visit 14 retail stores all over Austria. The program during these visits has been designed together with our retail partners and has a Christmas market as its leitmotiv. Pictures can be taken with Santa Claus or in front of the Coca-Cola truck. The visitors will immediately receive a print-out of the picture free of charge. A special program for children and Christmas music performances complete the truck tour through Austrian retail stores.

From November 29, the famous truck takes the Coca-Cola Santa Claus from Bregenz to Salzburg, Klagenfurt, Graz and finally Vienna, where the grand finale of the Coca-Cola Christmas tour 2008 will take place. As every year, all Austrian cities and villages were invited to apply for a visit of Santa in his truck.

At every stop, Santa will greet his small and not so small fans who will also get to enjoy a comprehensive entertainment program. Dr. Pemberton’s laboratory gives an insight into the mysterious world of Coca-Cola, which was originally concocted as medicine! This year, even Santa’s living room can be visited and a picture taken on Santa’s lap can be printed out as a picture postcard. Santa’s signature on this photograph will make this special moment truly memorable. Further highlights are tents housing workshops for handicrafts and painting and a merchandise shop whose net proceeds will be donated for charitable purposes. The grand finale of this year’s truck tour will for the first time take place on Friedrich-Schmidt square behind the Vienna City Hall. Visitors can look forward to performances by some live acts.

Christmas – a celebration for retail stores
Christmas is not only the season to celebrate love, but also an increasingly important time of year for retail stores. In soft drink sales, the greatest turnover is generated during the holiday season, namely 42% more than during an average week in the year (Source: Nielsen, food industry total, 2007). Beverages of Coca-Cola HBC Austria play a major role in this increase: they account for two thirds of the turnover growth in the week before Christmas.

The 2008 Christmas promotion clearly shows the great commitment of Coca-Cola HBC Austria towards its cooperation partners in food retail. An individual promotion was developed for every consumer group. Especially intensive and occasional buyers make considerable purchases before Christmas. Intensive buyers purchase more during the holiday season; the amount is higher than in summer. But also occasional buyers – mainly seasonal shoppers – drive up turnover. This year’s activities thus target all potential consumer types.
“Heavy users“ will be offered a very economical multipack in the calendar weeks 50/51. An attractive 6x1l+added value offer will be luring occasional buyers from November. And attention-catching point-of-sale material will induce impulse buyers to take home their bottles of Coca-Cola.

Coca-Cola HBC Austria has designed special packages for each type of consumer. “Heavy users" will find 4x2l multipacks of Coke, Coke light, Coke zero, Fanta and Sprite in hypermarkets to stock up on enough beverages to last through the holiday season. The Coke 1.5l Christmas edition will be available in retail stores – and surely attract many consumers.

On-pack promotions instead of special offers for real profits!
An important observation of Coca-Cola HBC Austria that seems to be especially true for the holiday season is that on-pack promotions attract many more customers than mere special offers. The 6x1l PET with aluminum bottle was a huge success in 2007; purchases in stores participating in this promotion were 25% higher than average sales volumes. For this reason, Coca-Cola HBC Austria will continue this strategy in the 2008 Christmas season.

The 6x1l value packs with on-pack promotions are perfect for occasional buyers. A limited Austrian edition of an exclusive aluminum bottle in Christmas design will draw their attention this year. This bottle might well become an instant classic and sought-after collector’s piece! The 6x0.33l can multipack promotion has also been devised for occasional buyers purchasing drinks for the family Christmas celebration. The slogan is “Buy 2 sixpacks of Coke/Coke light/Coke Zero 0.33l cans and receive a third sixpack for free!” This will make sure a fresh can of Coke is waiting for every guest in Austrian households. Hosts can easily store and cool these cans, and even the transport home from the grocery store is handy. Similar promotions, such as a 16+8 cans for free promotion, are planned for all relevant sales sectors in the entire food retail industry. Consumers in cash&carry markets will see attractive promotions as well.

Put the magic into Christmas time
To dazzle consumers with Coca-Cola products, Coca-Cola HBC Austria has designed special point-of-sale material for the 2008 Christmas season. Beautiful decoration in 3D hanging from the ceiling and Christmas lights will create a festive atmosphere in every outlet. Coca-Cola Christmas garlands will be available to pep up coolers. The products themselves will be mostly wrapped in Christmas foil. Distribution of these packages will start in the upcoming weeks. To convey true Christmas spirit to our consumers, there will be a Christmas promotion wall designed as a hut. It will clearly state the slogan of this year’s Christmas promotion: “Put the magic into Christmas time!”


The company
Coca-Cola HBC Austria supplies the whole domestic market with its products. The company currently employs 1,100 people in Austria – in production plants as well as sales and distribution centers. Apart from the famous brands Coca-Cola, Coke light, Coke zero, Fanta and Sprite, the comprehensive product portfolio includes Nestea, Cappy, Römerquelle, Markusquelle, the energy drink burn and the sports drink Powerade. The products sold in Austria are bottled in the production plant in Vienna from where they are distributed to the whole country. The mineral waters Römerquelle and Markusquelle are bottled directly at the springs.

50,000 customers (food retail and catering businesses) bring Coca-Cola products to the consumers. 8,000 coolers make sure that the products are always within easy reach. Coca-Cola has been firmly grounded in Austria since 1929. Through its ongoing investments and with 80% of value creation taking place in Austria, Coca-Cola HBC Austria is an essential part of the national economy.

Coca-Cola HBC Austria is a subsidiary of the Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company, headquartered in Athens, which is one of the biggest bottlers of non-alcoholic beverages in Europe with production and distribution centers in 28 countries. The company is listed on the Athens stock exchange, with secondary listings in New York, London and Sydney.

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