Coca-Cola HBC Austria in Europe-wide environmental protection initiative

Vienna, 28 September, 2009 – Employees and stakeholders of Coca-Cola HBC Austria are today joining other members of the Coca-Cola Hellenic Group across Europe in conducting wide-ranging environmental protection activities. The event is part of a Europe-wide initiative called “Live Positively Week” launched by The Coca-Cola Company, in which employees focus on responsible environmental activities aimed at highlighting the importance of sustainable development in all communities. In Austria 50 employees from Coca-Cola Hellenic and The Coca-Cola Company worked together with The Danube National Park to restore two sections of the riverbanks of the Danube.

This initiative is one of the major projects of the Danube National Park intended to benefit water supply in the National Park and encourage the build up of natural riverbanks. The manmade barriers have been removed so that the river can form its own natural banks. This is an extremely important step for the flora and fauna of the National Park. Many helping hands were needed to remove the stones which formed part of the manmade barriers. “In conducting activities, people from our operations are helping to restore the natural environment in the National Park,” said Susanne Lontzen, Public Affairs & Communications Director of Coca-Cola HBC Austria.

“Another major programme being conducted in five neighboring countries is a cross-border effort involving the collection and recycling of plastic waste from the Tisza floodplain,” she said. “It involves the cooperation and united efforts of teams led by The Coca-Cola System which will continue for 16 months.”

The Tisza River, one of the largest in Central Europe, originates in Ukraine. On its way to the Danube River in Serbia, it travels 677 km through Romania, Slovakia and Hungary, draining an area of about 157,186 km2. Due to flooding, large quantities of waste is washed downstream annually from country to country.

Working with the International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River (ICPDR), WWF, the global conservation organisation and other partners, Coca-Cola Hellenic employees will seek to help educate communities about the importance of protecting and preserving water resources.


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