From road to rail - Coca-Cola Hellenic Austria now supplies Western Austria with products by rail

Vienna, 10 November, 2009 - As of early October, Coca-Cola products, including the popular mineral water Römerquelle, travel to Western Austria exclusively by rail – benefiting customers and the environment.

Coca-Cola Hellenic Austria launched an online tender to find new ways of transporting beverages to the West Austrian provinces, Tyrol and Vorarlberg. Logistics manager Hermann Schützinger, said, “Ultimately the offer from Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) was the most attractive in terms of efficiency, environmental friendliness and reliability. Since the beginning of October our beverages have been delivered daily by ÖBB’s Rail Cargo Austria to Innsbruck, Tyrol, and Wolfurt, Vorarlberg.”

Tailor-made containers, each of which holds 36 pallets of Coca-Cola beverages, are used for the transportation. The ÖBB containers are loaded directly at the production sites in Vienna and Edelstal. Trucks are now only used to transport containers to the railway stations, where they are reloaded onto trains to make their way to the west.

CO2 emissions already 12,000 tonnes down
“The use of trains will reduce our carbon emissions by 2,000 tonnes a year,” explains Hermann Schützinger, “which means that we make an important contribution to environmental protection and sustainability.” Additional advantages are higher efficiency due to increased supply volumes of 36 pallets per container and a considerable improvement of the service for customers thanks to the independence from traffic problems.

Thanks to targeted measures such as weight reduction of glass bottles, increased use of recycled materials in PET bottles and the installation of an air wizard at the PET blow moulding plant, Coca-Cola Hellenic Austria has so far cut carbon emissions by 10,000 tonnes a year. An additional 2,000 tonnes of carbon emissions will now be saved thanks to rail transport.

Coca-Cola Hellenic Austria takes on environmental responsibility
Coca-Cola Hellenic Austria has taken a variety of measures to live up to its social responsibility in protecting the environment. Coca-Cola Hellenic Austria’s operations are certified according to the global recognised environmental management standard ISO 14001 and uses state-of-the-art technologies to reduce water and energy consumption in all production and recycling processes as much as possible.

  • Coca-Cola Hellenic Austria played a crucial role in the development of the ARA Altstoff Recycling Austria collection system for PET bottles.
  • The company became a founding member of PET to PET Recycling GmbH through which advanced recycling processes take used PET bottles and transforms them into PET flakes, which are in turn mixed with other material and made into new PET bottles. This way, up to 20,000 tonnes of PET bottles are recycled every year.
  • During the UEFA EURO 2008™, about 500 cooling devices were replaced by eco coolers. These cooling devices do not use fluorinated hydrocarbon (HFC) as a cooling agent. The effort was honoured by the Ministry of Life with the "Grüner Ball” award.

The company has analyzed and utilizes the most environmentally friendly vehicle transport for its fleet and has trained employees in fuel-efficient driving (“Eco Driving”).

“Just using modern technologies to protect the environment is not enough,” says environment spokeswoman Susanne Lontzen, “we are also very much devoted to raise awareness of young people about the environment and environmental protection.” The company lives up to this social responsibility through numerous projects such as the Coca-Cola Sports Initiative, the Danube Challenge and the Coca-Cola Junior Ranger project in the Hohe Tauern National Park.


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