15,000 "Trinkpass": Austrian youth checks hydration

Vienna – March 22, 2010 - Great interest for joint campaign of Ministry of Environment and Coca-Cola Hellenic Austria  

Many young people do not take in enough liquid. Generation Blue, the youth water platform by the Ministry of Environment, and Römerquelle developed the “Trinkpass” (hydration check) campaign to remedy this situation. And it has been a great success: more than 15,000 Trinkpass have been ordered this year already.  

An analysis of the liquids intake of Austrian youth* reveals an average consumption of 1.42 liters per day – much too little. The Trinkpass, which can be ordered by teachers free of charge, makes young people aware of their intake of liquids and underlines the importance of drinking enough. For two weeks, the young people record how much liquid they consume every day.  

“It is crucial to sensitize children and teenagers to the importance of drinking enough water. The great number of participants every year  indicates how successful and important the campaign is,” says Niki Berlakovich, Austrian Minister of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management. Barry O’Connell, General Manager of Coca-Cola Hellenic Austria, likewise emphasizes the importance of drinking enough, “A lack of liquids does a lot of damage to the human body. We must help young people realize this as early as possible. Our Trinkpass campaign is a great tool to this end: at one glance, young people can see how much liquid they still need to drink to reach the recommended daily level.”  

More than 15,000 Trinkpass have already been ordered this year, showing the great interest of the Austrians in monitoring their liquid intake. And a drawing contest is part of the campaign as well: students are asked to draw a mudminnow, a fish under the animal sponsorship of Coca-Cola, on their Trinkpass. A panel chooses the most creative drawings, which are turned into a special edition of stamps for the entire school class.

The first prize is the participation in the Danube Challenge, which takes place for the fourth time already. During an eventful day along the Danube, students learn about the significance of protecting Austria’s unique nature in general and the Danube as a habitat in particular. The campaign will be running until mid-May.    

* Data refer to the 2009 Trinkpass campaign


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