Haiti, “Team Österreich Tafel” initiative, disaster relief workers: Coca-Cola’s strong support for Austrian Red Cross

Vienna – March 30, 2010 - To kick off a long-term partnership between Coca-Cola Hellenic Austria and the Austrian Red Cross, the company’s employees raised money for the victims of the earthquake in Haiti, which was then doubled by the Coca-Cola management.

Moreover, the beverage producer finances the training of disaster relief workers at aid organizations so they can provide first aid faster and help when it is needed the most.  To support environmental protection and nature preservation, to encourage people to engage in sports and physical activity and especially to help people in need are essential pillars of Coca-Cola Hellenic Austria's social commitment. Such a commitment is not only supported by the management, but primarily also by the staff. 

Employees donate for Haiti

Everyone of us still vividly remembers the horrifying pictures of the earthquake catastrophe in Haiti. Even if media attention is declining, help  is still greatly needed there. It is thanks to organizations like the Red Cross that immediate professional help has been and still is provided. The staff of Coca-Cola Hellenic Austria collected money for the earthquake victims and the company then doubled the amount raised. Susanne Lontzen, spokeswoman for Coca-Cola Hellenic Austria, presented a check for over EUR 5,000  raised through this campaign to Wolfgang Kopetzky, Secretary General of the Austrian Red Cross.  

Wolfgang Kopetzky thanked Coca-Cola Hellenic Austria for its efforts, “This cooperation is fully in line with Corporate Social  Responsibility (CSR) and brings together two partners that strengthen  and  support  each  other.” 

Susanne Lontzen adds, “Helping  people in need is a responsibility of each and every one of us – individuals and  businesses alike. Everyone can make a contribution, be it a blood donation or a financial one. I am very happy that our employees show so much commitment, because only if we work together we can bring about change.” Coca-Cola Hellenic Austria will soon also organize a blood donation day, which is also actively supported by the management. 

Coca-Cola finances training for disaster relief workers 

Besides donations to the earthquake victims  in Haiti, Coca-Cola Hellenic Austria also contributes EUR 7,650 to finance the training of disaster relief workers as part of its partnership with the Austrian Red Cross. “The Red Cross is one of the most experienced and professional organizations and provides valuable and most of all effective aid – in Austria and the rest of the world. To be able to do so, well trained workers are needed who know where and how to approach things," says Susanne Lontzen. “It was important to us to kick off the partnership with the Austrian Red Cross with a specific and valuable campaign.”  

Beverages for “Team Österreich Tafel” initiative and emergency drill

The Austrian Red Cross and radio station Hitradio Ö3 have initiated the campaign “Team Österreich Tafel”. The campaign’s idea is to use what would otherwise be wasted: impeccable surplus food is distributed to people in need. For the initiative’s launch, Coca-Cola Hellenic Austria will provide as many  as 6,500 beverage bottles. “This  is the start of a continuing cooperation,” confirms Susanne Lontzen, who also states that as many as 800 participants in the next emergency drill will also be provided with refreshments.    


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