Monika Polster Special Award for corporate environmental protection - Wanted: companies with a green conscience

Vienna – September, 28th 2010 - For the 25th time already, the Austrian Society for Environment and Technology (OGUT) awards the OGUT environmental prize. One of the five categories is the Monika Polster Special Award for environmental protection in companies – the eponymous Monika Polster was Coca-Cola Hellenic Austria’s spokeswoman for many years.

Large as well as small and medium-sized companies that take sustainable environmental activities seriously in their business endeavors can enter the competition. The entry deadline is October 8.

Coca-Cola Hellenic Austria can look back on a long tradition of supporting environmental and nature protection. Monika Polster significantly contributed to this stance. Coca-Cola Hellenic’s spokeswoman, who was well-respected far beyond business circles, died from cancer in 2008. The Monika Polster Special Award, one of the five categories of the OGUT environmental prize, has been conferred since 2009 to commemorate this outstanding personality. Coca-Cola Hellenic Austria spokeswoman Susanne Lontzen has deep respect for the OGUT prize, “The OGUT environmental prize that was first conferred 25 years ago is an initiative which does not catch much media attention, but it is more important than ever. We are very happy that one category of the OGUT environmental prize is dedicated to Monika Polster. It is a tribute to her outstanding efforts.” In more concrete terms, these efforts were Monika Polster’s crucial participation in the foundation of PET to PET Recycling Österreich GmbH: “She was always a driving force behind the green conscience in our company.”

Two categories

The Monika Polster Special Award is conferred in two categories. Firstly, large companies with more than 250 employees: the prize will be awarded to a company which could significantly reduce its environmental burden through sustainable innovations in the production process or other environmentally relevant measures. The quantitative result is an important criterion in this category.

Secondly, small and medium-sized companies with fewer than 250 employees: this category honors innovative companies which act as role models. Their projects or measures must also be applicable to other companies.

Prize money and application

The Monika Polster Special Award is endowed with EUR 10,000 – donated by Coca-Cola Hellenic Austria and The Coca-Cola Company – which are split between the winners of the two categories. Deadline for entry is October 8, 2010. For more information and entry forms, please visit


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