Monika Polster Special Award for REWE and Xolar GroupCompanies honored for sustainability efforts

Vienna – November, 26th 2010 - This is the second time that the Monica Polster Special Award was awarded as part of the OGUT environmental prize. This year, REWE International AG and Xolar Renewable Energy Group were honored for their sustainability projects.

In the “large company“ category, REWE International AG received the 2010 Monika Polster Special Award for its ambitious endeavors towards “zero-energy stores”. The group introduced exemplary measures to minimize energy consumption in their stores. In the category “small and medium-sized companies”, Xolar Renewable Energy Group emerged as winner. The solar technology company based in Upper Austria has built a passive house as its new corporate building, which houses offices as well as production. Each award is endowed with EUR 5,000. REWE will donate the amount to the 2010 Caritas campaign in Austria called "Caritas & Du" ("Caritas & You“).

“Two years after the death of Monica Polster, sustainability and environmental awareness – values which she strongly supported – have become even more significant,” says Coca-Cola Hellenic Austria spokeswoman Susanne Lontzen. At Coca-Cola Hellenic Austria, Monika Polster laid the foundation stone for the company's environmental protection and sustainability projects and was highly regarded for her unparalleled personal and sincere way of dealing with customers, partners and colleagues. “In companies, it can be difficult to be heard when you bring forward issues like environmental protection. Therefore, the efforts of people who promote them need to be appreciated all the more. The two winning projects are proof that environmental protection and sustainability can be perfectly combined with economic efficiency.” Monica Polster Special Award for corporate environmental protection

Named after a long-term Coca-Cola Hellenic Austria employee, the Monika Polster Special Award is given to companies which implement outstanding and innovative projects in the area of corporate environmental protection and corporate sustainability and thus take corporate social responsibility seriously. The award is conferred in two categories: firstly, large companies with over 250 employees which contributed considerably to the reduction of the company’s environmental footprint by introducing sustainable innovations in the production process or other relevant environmental measures. Secondly, small and medium-sized businesses. This category honors companies which have acted as role models by implementing particularly innovative projects and have thus contributed to corporate environmental protection and sustainability. An important criterion for both categories is a multiplying effect, i.e. the possibility of applying these measures in other companies.


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