Leader in product and technology innovation: Römerquelle has Europe’s most state-of-the-art bottling plant

Edelstal/Vienna, April 2012. – For years, Römerquelle has been the most popular beverage brand in Austria and, since the introduction of Römerquelle emotion, it has also been the undisputed leader in innovation in the near-water segment.

By putting the new Ultra-clean plant for single-use PET bottles in Edelstal, Burgenland, on stream, Coca-Cola Hellenic Austria, the bottler of Römerquelle, has strengthened its number 1 position in the area of technology and high-tech. It also sets new standards in terms of quality, hygiene and environmental friendliness. Overall, several million euros were invested.

In the year 2000, the idea to refine healthy mineral water with natural fruit extracts at once made Römerquelle the most innovative company in the area of non-alcoholic beverages. And also one of the most successful ones. In the near-water segment, which has achieved good growth rates for years, Römerquelle today holds a market share of 40.9% in terms of value (source: AC Nielsen, food retail incl. discounters YTD, calendar week 12/2012).

This success is built on the purity and quality of Römerquelle’s natural mineral water. To be able to maintain highest quality and hygiene standards, continuous investments in cutting-edge production and bottling technologies have been an integral component of the corporate strategy of Coca-Cola Hellenic Austria, the bottler of Römerquelle.

“Römerquelle’s Ultra-clean line is the most state-of-the-art water bottling plant in Europe,” says Patrick Misch, Supply Chain Director at Coca-Cola Hellenic Austria, contentedly. “With this new facility, we can increase our high hygiene and quality requirements even further – while saving water, energy and lubricants. It’s a win-win situation for our company and the environment.”

Highest hygiene standards

Coca-Cola Hellenic Austria invested several million euros in the new Ultra-clean bottling plant, near the Römerquelle spring in Edelstal, Burgenland. This new high-performance plant for PET bottles, which can as of now bottle up to 28,000 units per hour, was especially tailored to the needs of Römerquelle. It is based on a conventional bottling technology, but integrates several Ultra-clean elements such as pre-form sterilization, UCF servo capping machine, cap disinfection, UCF process technology and hygienic filler area for highest hygiene standards, which are unparalleled in Austria.

Benefits also for the environment

The new plant is not only first class in terms of hygiene. Katrin Goldhahn, manager of beverage technology firm KHS Austria, says that “the Ultra-clean line, for instance, reduces water consumption during the rinsing of PET bottles dramatically. The conveyor belts run without lubricants and oils. Instead, biodegradable lubricants used for dry lubrication ensure there is little friction, noise as well as wear and tear.”

The block machine contributes noticeably to the energy efficiency of the Ultra-clean facility, because the PET bottles are not only produced but also filled on site, which renders additional transport unnecessary. Exhaust heat from the packaging line is fed into the ventilation system and used for heating the warehouses.

The blowing machines have servo engines and thus require 20 to 25% less pressure for the blow-molding of bottles. This servo-based system is also used for the capping of bottles and guarantees securely closed bottles which are still easy to open.

Basis for new innovations

The new bottling plant in Edelstal allows for a further quick expansion of this leading edge in product innovation. The latest example is the introduction of Römerquelle emotion’s “fresh Romans.” The new low-sugar alternative in the beverage segment for children and teenagers, which has been available in stores since calendar week 14/2012, already benefits from the new Ultra-clean line.

The company

Coca-Cola Hellenic Austria supplies the whole domestic market with products from the Coca-Cola Group. The company currently employs 1,100 people in Austria – in production plants as well as sales and distribution centers. Apart from the famous brands Coca-Cola, Coke light, Coke zero, Fanta and Sprite, the comprehensive product portfolio includes Nestea, Cappy, Römerquelle, emotion, the energy drink burn and the sports drink Powerade.
Until fall 2012, the products sold in Austria will be bottled at the production plant in Vienna, from where they are distributed to the whole country. Römerquelle mineral water is bottled at the spring in Edelstal, Burgenland, where the construction of the new production and logistics center will commence shortly.
Over 50,000 customers (food retail and catering businesses) bring Coca-Cola products to the consumers. 8,000 coolers make sure that the products are always within easy reach.
Coca-Cola has been firmly grounded in Austria since 1929. Through its ongoing investments and a value creation of over 50% taking place in Austria, Coca-Cola Hellenic Austria is an essential part of the national economy.
Coca-Cola Hellenic Austria is a subsidiary of the Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company, headquartered in Athens, which is one of the biggest bottlers of non-alcoholic beverages in Europe with production and distribution centers in 28 countries. The company is listed on the Athens Exchange with a secondary listing in London. Coca-Cola Hellenic is listed in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index and the FTSE4Good Index. For further information visit


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Römerquelle Ultra-clean line
Facts and figures

Technology: Ultra-clean line
Manufacturer: special order carried out by KHS Austria GmbH on behalf of Coca-Cola Hellenic Austria

Location: Römerquelle spring in Edelstal, Burgenland
Investment volume: several million euros
Capacity: approx. 28,000 bottles/hour