Sport and physical activity

Encouraging people of all ages to exercise more is a major focus of our community initiatives. Tens of thousands people actively participate in our sports and fitness activities each year.

Get active!

For many years, Coca-Cola HBC Austria has supported many running events and the Coca-Cola Cup.

Get Active

With the motto “Get active”, Coca-Cola aims to motive people to be active – be it physically with sport and exercise or as part of initiatives for our society or the environment. Coca-Cola wants to show that an active lifestyle can be diversified, connecting and inspiring.

Coca-Cola and sports

Coca-Cola has always supported sports and exercise and even has the longest partnership with the Olympic Movement (since 1928). As a partner, Coca-Cola is also present at the Special Olympics, the Paralympics and at football World Cups and European Championships. The company makes unforgettable moments for athletes and fans possible. Local sports projects supported by Coca-Cola include: Running events such as the Vienna City Marathon, Kärnten läuft, Salzburg Marathon and cooperation with the Austrian Sports Aid Foundation and the Austrian Olympic Committee. Coca-Cola supports hundreds of events in all parts of the country in order to motivate people to discover the joy of sports and movement. The Coca-Cola Cup is the company’s showcase project which is organized in cooperation with the Austrian Football Association (ÖFB) and the state associations. In this field, the Coca-Cola Cup is the showcase project. In 2017, the Coca-Cola Cup was organized for the 13th time in cooperation with the ÖFB and the state associations.

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