Community development

In addition to our strategic focus areas, we also respond to specific needs and concerns.

In Austria, many initiatives have been brought to life over the past years which have been mainly aimed at communicating an active life-style and awareness of the environment and nature and at providing support to socially disadvantaged people.

Get active: Do something for others and for yourself! 

Coca-Cola represents open-mindedness, integration and a functioning society in which every member takes over a small part of responsibility. Everybody can do that – not only for themselves with enough exercise, but also for society or the environment with small steps in their immediate surroundings. Coca-Cola aims to promote and live the attitude “Get active” with initiatives. Also, the company aims to show how easy it can be to do something.

Sports: With the motto “Get active!” Coca-Cola supports activities in amateur and professional sports in Austria.  

Environmental protection: the intention of the Danube Challenge project is to heighten the awareness of environmental protection and nature preservation.

Helping socially disadvantaged people is a high priority at Coca-Cola. Two examples: the company has for many years supported the housing projects of SOS Children’s Villages and the “Get Active Social Business Award”. Providing unsolicited and immediate help in cases of natural catastrophes is also a cornerstone of the Coca-Cola system’s company philosophy.

Some of the initiatives of Coca-Cola are exemplary and have also been implemented in other countries.

Coca-Cola supports the reduction and prevention of youth unemployment on an international level.

As part of the Europe-wide initiative #YouthEmpowered since February 2017, it’s a goal of the company to start unemployed youths off. In cooperation with the AMS, Coca-Cola HBC Austria offers a Coca-Cola Certificate in which unemployed youths get to know the company. Also, they get practical tips for their applications.

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