Water and environment protection

In addition to reducing the water we use in our bottling plants, we help protect local watersheds. Working together with government bodies, NGOs and others, we support conservation activities and raise public awareness.

Our flagship program is the award-winning Green Danube partnership, which is organized in Austria and nine other countries through which the River Danube passes. We organize major celebrations of Danube Day each year, helping to make people aware of the importance of the river and its conservation.

In addition our goal is to make the water used in the production process reusable. Across the group, eleven facilities have been built in Europe since 2002 which make it possible to reuse 94 out of 100 liters of waste water at the respective locations.

In cooperation with strong partners such as the Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management or the WWF, we have initiated programs to raise awareness among society for the importance of water - as a resource as well as a habitat. The Danube Challenge is an example of our commitment. At a special adventure day, young people learn everything they need to know about the river as a habitat.

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