Youth development

We support youth development, and our programmes aim to help young people develop self-esteem and leadership skills.

Partnership for the youth accommodations for SOS Children’s Villages

In particular, we support young people who are in some way disadvantaged.

In Austria, the company has entered a partnership for a youth accommodation for SOS Children’s Villages. What’s special about this partnership that started in 1999 is that besides financial support – in the form of a “house partnership” – Coca-Cola offers the youths unique opportunities that promote their personal development.

A living partnership

While staying at these youth houses, the children are prepared for an independent and self-dependent life; the children who live there are 12 or older. Coca-Cola sponsored a house for youth accommodation in Austria. But the personal meetings and the unique experiences for the youths, which only Coca-Cola can make possible, are an equally important part of this "living partnership".  

SOS Kinderdorf partnership 

Since October 2006, there is also a youth group that lives in Strebersdorf, Vienna, where 12 children have found a new home. The location of the accommodation not only offers them the rich diversity of a big city, but also the opportunity to get some fresh air at the nearby Danube Island, the Marchfeld canal and other green spaces in the vicinity. The children are strongly integrated into the neighborhood; workshops with the families living in the area are organized on a regular basis. 

We place great value on personal contact. Throughout the year, the company is in close contact with the youths and “lives” the motto of the SOS youth accommodation. “Provide stability, let go and remain close.”

Making dreams come true

The youths of the SOS Children’s Villages are included in the activities of Coca-Cola – e.g. in sports events or concert visits. Coca-Cola regularly surprises the children and offers them unique experiences. Experiences that only Coca-Cola can make possible and that give them strength and boost their self-confidence. E.g. a girl was given the chance to carry the Olympic torch at the Olympic Games of Salt Lake City, another girl visited the original places where the Harry Potter movies were shot.

SOS Kinderdorf

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