Coca-Cola Hellenic is a partner in a bottle-to-bottle recycling facility in cooperation with four other Austrian beverage manufacturers.

PET to PET Recycling Österreich GmbH is a pioneering project in the Austrian beverage industry. At this recycling facility, located in Müllendorf, Burgenland, which was built to the latest technical standards, used PET bottles are processed so the material can be used in the production of new ones.

PET to PET Recycling plant

Approximately 20,000 tons of PET bottles can be processed annually. The company obtains the bottles collected for this purpose via the ARA Collection and Recovery System.

The bottles are thoroughly cleaned and processed to be subsequently converted into a high-quality recyclate. New PET bottles currently can contain 30% of recycled material in average.

The bottle-to-bottle recycling plant uses the latest technology, preserves resources and recycles valuable raw materials. During the planning and construction, great importance was attached to ecological criteria and about 80 % of the wastewater is treated and reused in the process.

PET-to-PET recycling loop in Austria

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