Water stewardship

Demand on the amount of freshwater around us is increasing and climate change is impacting traditional rainfall patterns. As the world’s population grows, the demands being placed on freshwater are rising, rapidly.

Our ability to grow is directly related to the availability and quality of local water resources. As a result, we place a major focus on our water stewardship efforts, and an integrated approach to this critical resource:

Coca-Cola has committed to reduce its water use intensity by 30% by 2020 – compared to 2010.

Improving our water efficiency

In our bottling plant, we closely monitor our water sources, minimizing the amount of water we withdraw. By incorporating water savings technologies on our production lines, we have managed to improve the efficiency with which we use water. Thanks to this, Römerquelle only requires additional 0.8 liters of process water for the production of 1 liter of ready to drink mineral water. By using a new bottle washing machine, water consumption has been reduced significantly.

Each bottling plant regularly conducts risk assessments. We study the quantity and quality of local water supplies, as well as environmental, regulatory and other concerns. Based on these assessments, we develop action plans to mitigate risks. 

Optimierung des WasserverbrauchsAs we produce greater volume of beverages, we will use more water. It is therefore increasingly important to further improve water efficiency. We therefore invest in emerging technologies.

The entire return water is neutralized and treated in the communal wastewater treatment plant before being discharged into the local sewer system.

Working in partnership

To address water-related issues, we work in a growing number of partnerships

The Green Danube is our most longstanding partnership. Together with the International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River, we conduct conservation and awareness-raising activities in Austria and nine other countries lying in the river basin. These include annual Danube Day celebrations, which see the participation of tens/hundreds of thousands of people.

We also support public policy initiatives to promote sustainable water management.

At an international level, Coca-Cola HBC is a founding signatory of the CEO Water Mandate of the UN Global Compact . This initiative aims to address water sustainability issues in operations, supply chains and communities; and to work with government and NGOs to shape public policy. To better understand water use in our supply chain, Coca-Cola HBC is also working with the Water Footprint Network.

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